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Susan B Anthony List :

January 9, 2010

I feel passionately about many things. There’s one issue so wrapped up with passion I can’t discuss it with maturity or gentleness. It makes every cell in my body clatter and reverberate with the rumbles of injustice and defenselessness I can’t stand for.  Abortion isn’t just cruel, or dangerous, or irresponsible. It’s taking what is most basic (Life) and justifying it. The United States passed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (April 2004), which recognizes that when a criminal attacks a pregnant woman, and injures or kills both her and her unborn child, he has claimed two human victims. While this is worth celebration, it may leave some of us scratching our heads at the logic of upholding this law as well as Roe vs. Wade (which “empowers” pregnant women to injure or kill the human victim without restrictions). 

With the national healthcare debate in full swing, and real movement in Congress coming closer and closer, I’ve found a source of information that creates a small sense that I am enacting some force with this issue.  The Susan B Anthony List a nationwide network of over 145,000 Americans dedicated to advancing, mobilizing and representing pro-life women in the political process. Its connected Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process“.  I have found the periodic emails to be informative and relevant. They offer email templates to your Congressmen and Congresswomen with simple forms and predetermined messages regarding current bills being proposed. This is the least I can do. In fact I’ve been humbled while composing this of what I am failing to do to enact some kind of real change. There is a Planned Parenthood center in Syracuse and a faithful woman is outside pacing the sidewalk protesting the abortions that are being performed inside.  I don’t know what kind of change this does, or if Jesus would join her, but I commend this woman for standing up for what she believes in and acting upon it.

Please join the Susan B Anthony list and take 90 seconds to email the Senate and House regarding this powerful issue.

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