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Midwives Help People Out

August 4, 2010

You all know the significance birth has for me and for my identity as a mother. Birthing my children is a sacred act and I take it very seriously. My birth with Naftalie was perfect: my midwives, Janessa and Carie, were everything I needed and beyond what I wanted. I will always love these women and be indebted for the experience they helped me have birthing my first child. I miss them and wish I could birth all of my children with them. Carie is now living in Mexico with her family serving in an orphanage, Casa Betania Fuente de Vida.

I’m beyond the half way mark of my second pregnancy. My prenatal care has been erratic and frustrating, several weeks ago the home birthing midwives I was seeing told me that they had too many births in December and were not able to see me. I then met with a lay midwife who worked primarily with the Amish population about 90 miles away (she lives there too). I wanted a safe, intervention-free birth so badly that I tried to supress the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable with either of these midwives for various reasons. The state of midwifery practice in New York is in a state of flux right now. An act was passed last month that gives much more freedom to practice without limitations, and the benefits will trickle down to mothers in the coming years. But at this time there are very few options.

Almost as a last resort, I recently met with a midwife who has an independent practice and privileges at a birthing center here in Syracuse, The Birth Place. After several minutes with her, I felt deep assurance and a wave of relief came over me. This was it! This is the connection a mother needs to feel with the woman who will facilitate the pace and safety of her birth. I feel confident that I will have the autonomy to birth the way I need to at the birthing center and that my relationship with Linda will develop so that I can trust her during birth. There is a part of me that is wishful for the comfort of birthing at home and having complete control over the environment, but where we are at this point that isn’t an option. And I’m becoming more and more content with this.

Here’s the teaser. For several reasons, I’ve chosen to have a sonogram……tomorrow! I would rather not know the sex of this baby, but Danny is desperate to find out!  There’s no way that he could know and keep it from me, so for this child we will know the sex of the baby, and so will you!

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  1. August 4, 2010 7:19 am

    Shannon, I have been wondering how your widwife plans were coming along. I’m glad you have found one with whom you feel secure and are connecting with. That’s funny about Danny needing to KNOW, now! I’ll look forward to the results. And thankyou, as always, for sharing your life with us. Love you guys!!!

  2. Molly permalink
    August 4, 2010 9:16 am

    Oh Shannon, I’m so glad you found a midwife! I was wondering if you were going to just go rogue and deliver it yourself…

  3. Sheryl permalink
    August 5, 2010 3:39 pm

    SOOOO excited!!!:)

  4. CheapWife permalink
    August 15, 2010 6:13 pm

    Check out Jenna’s blog
    She had a home birth with her first baby in April and was a huge advocate of midwives and home births, etc. She also is a great bloggers and shared everything about her experiences. You might really like her posts from that time.

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