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9 Reasons I’m The Luckiest Mama Ever

February 6, 2012

1. Naftalie is really enjoying time to herself at the table doing “work”. The transition from small/child-sized table to big table has been a necessity because Bubbie likes to take everything on the table and throw it on the ground. (Think Lifetime movie scene when the scorned female lead slides contents of mantle across the room in a fit of rage.)

2. Thompson is just starting to take the time to look through books independently. Most of the time he takes them off the shelves or out of the baskets and leaves them in a pile for me to eventually re-shelve, but for me, as long as my kids are handling books I’m happy.

3. Can you tell that the theme here is that Thompson is an active, physical, and curious little boy?!

4. Babies are angels when they are sleeping. If I stop to watch them, I always walk away feeling deeply blessed and thanking God that I get to be their mama.

5. We spent 5 minutes mesmerized by the antics of this squirrel on the front porch several days ago. I was in the middle of changing T’s diaper and had to get my camera. This squirrel was a real ham.

6. After a higher than expected blood lead test result for Thompson, Daddy put up most of our toys (which pretty much all have trace amounts of lead). I felt sad and kind of lost because most of them we had just received for Christmas and still had the fun/new feel to them. In reality though, Naftalie and Thompson just want to be around me, regardless if there are toys in the baskets. While preparing dinner they ended up in a box and clothes hamper. Love.

7. We’ve been playing back in a small valley behind our yard for the past several days. The weather this winter season has been so mild, it’s hard to believe there is no snow on the ground. Although it was in the 20s, with the sun and dry ground we have had a great time exploring what is down there.

8. I’ve found myself sitting back and watching these two interact more and more as siblings. My hope and prayer is that they are best friends, because they are so close in age they will inevitably be connected. Naftalie surprises me with her patience when Thompson pulls her hair or disrupts something important to her. There will be a time before we know it when he will be protecting her.

9. Isn’t she beautiful? This girl. “My best girl”.

mid winter update

January 19, 2012

December 7, 2011

Tonight Thompson looked over at me from the other couch. He was with his Daddy and in his footed pajamas, minutes from leaving the room to read and nurse before going to bed.

He looked at me with so much knowing in his eyes. He smiled and said, “I love you mama. I love you so much”.

I can help but sob here as I type this and relive it in my mind. There’s nothing more precious. There’s nothing that makes your bone marrow warm like that.

October 27, 2011

October 28, 2011


Quick Glance

August 11, 2011

Summer 2011 Part 1

July 10, 2011

So far this summer has been low-key and focused inward. We’re spending a lot of time recuperating from the Spring semester together, and it’s been great for us. It took a while for the real summer weather to show up, which is why the long sleeves and hats were still around in May.

Danny’s been fishing at least once a week, sometimes several. We even went on a “date” fishing a few weeks ago. Really. Isn’t this romantic?

We’re having a lot of fun.

We’ve been hanging out on the back porch…………………….


making frequent trips to the playground………..

watching television together…….

reading/gnawing on books……….

of course hanging out on the bed………………

and learning to sit up!

We were able to spend the 4th of July holiday with our dear friends, Brandon and Dana (and soon to be Baby Marz!). The guys fished and we played together. We always leave Michigan wishing that we could have their friendship closer. No one knows us like the Marzs! The following shots were taken by Dana:

Here’s to the greatest season of them all! (and no it’s not Christmas!)

Time Capsule

May 24, 2011


  • Your favorite book (this week) is Do You Have A Hat?
  • “Geh-ga” and “Pee-ya Yabba” is your version of Mr. McGregor and Peter Rabbit.
  • You are very curious about who is a boy and who is a girl.
  • It’s safe to say that if there is a balloon or umbrella within eye-shot you’re going to find it and point it out.


  • We moved into the yellow room because Mama thought it would help to you sleep. It didn’t.
  • Lately while observing N you break out into fits of laughter.
  • Daddy has started the oral story telling of your legendary “kicks”. Your strong legs will make you a great mountain climber, kick boxer, wrestler, soccer player, river dancer (Daddy refused the latter).
  • I wish I had your personality Bubbie. We need more of you in our family.